A sake bar like no other. Yatchabar was conceived early during the pandemic in Japan when Wagyumafia co-founder Hisato Hamada often found himself cooking at home creating an izakaya style menu.Combining these live stream home cooking sessions and his collaborative project with Yohsihiro Narisawa #ONIGIRIFORLOVE tour where they brought love and food to those in need during the tough times formed the foundation of Yatchabar.‘Yatcha, yatcha’  is what Hisato often heard in the market in search of ingredients to prepare - explaining why Yatchabar’s menu is not wagyu driven like his other restaurants.Yatchabar will offer premium sake and shōchū from distilleries Hamada has collaborated with including WAGYUMAFIA’s bespoke ‘Sharaku’ sake series of Gold, Silver and Sparkling ’S’ sake.

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