Elephant Grounds

Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, Elephant Grounds is a specialty coffee shop and all round brunch destination. The first Elephant Grounds was a small coffee counter with ice cream sandwiches in the back of a lifestyle shop. Today Elephant Grounds unique “Coffee n Chill” message has expanded throughout Hong Kong and beyond the city with shops in Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou as well as a franchise in Manila.
Each shop is uniquely designed into an urban oasis to offer visitors a sense of respite from their busy day. We recently opened our latest 7,000 square feet flagship located at the mouth of Hollywood Road featuring a roastery and artisan bakery!!
More than a homegrown brand, Elephant Grounds is a coffee focused, fun loving space with distinctive design. As an all-encompassing coffee experience, our beans are roasted in-house to create our signature blends in addition to premium single origin varieties.
Elephant Grounds also present a consciously designed all-day menu featuring seasonal dishes that use premium Japanese ingredients and homemade pastries. Here, we just love seeing our customers enjoying coffee with the beautiful latte art and the best healthy food.

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