Sushi Mamoru

Sushi Mamoru was born from a commitment to safeguard the sushi traditions practiced for generations. The seasonal omakase menu preserves this history while telling a story of the fragile environments that provide ingredients for Chef Chiba’s craft.

Offering a careful balancing act of tradition and adaptation, Chef Hirofumi Chiba refines the subtleties of taste and texture in every component of his menu - from hand-blended aged Hokkaido rice to wasabi sourced directly from famed farmer Keiichi Tashiro in Shizuoka. Through this approach, humble kampyou pickle and kohada is given the same reverence as other prized ingredients in Chiba’s kitchen.

The Omakase of over 20 dishes highlights the transition of seasonality through Chef’s point of view, offering a singular experience in the evening. Lunch will be available starting May 2021 with an optional short menu.

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