Mashi No Mashi

Mashi no Mashi is born from fond childhood memories of Wagyumafia founder, Hisato Hamada. From family food trips full of new discoveries and lasting flavours - this ramen recipe is his ultimate symbol of comfort food. Though the deceivingly simple combination of soup and noodle proved to be a daunting challenge to take on, the research and testing persevered now with the first shop open in Hong Kong. Why Hong Kong? Realising a mutual synergy of soup noodle appreciation that's almost incomparable to Japan, paved way for a whole new approach to ramen preparation. A unique broth and noodles with exquisite toppings, unlike any of its predecessors. Named after the desire to have more noodles after ramen, Mashi no Mashi satisfies the most humble to finicky palates, always leaving the stomach craving for more!

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